Philosophy and Mission

The Center for Psychological Wellness strives to provide excellence in high quality, collaborative, clinical, preventive, and developmental services and programs to the residents of Rhode Island and neighboring areas. The Wellness Center utilizes a broad range of treatment modalities and is dedicated to remaining up-to-date on developments in the fields of assessment, mental health, and evidence-based treatments. Our style is collaborative as we work closely with local school departments, daycare facilities, and physicians to provide an appropriate level of care.

The Center for Psychological Wellness believes that emotional and psychological wellness begins with awareness, acceptance, and the possibility of change. Learning to adapt and cope with major life events, as well as daily life stressors, is fundamental in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our clients’ quality of life is of great importance and The Wellness Center often integrates treatment and assessment in order to obtain diagnostic clarification so appropriate treatment plans/interventions can be developed.

Training and Fellowships

The psychologists at the Center for Psychological Wellness work in collaboration with their alma mater The Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP) and other educational institutions to provide clinical training for post-doctoral fellows as well as qualified practicum and internship candidates to give back to the community. Each year The Wellness Center rotates new candidates through our program to offer upcoming psychologists an opportunity to train in the field and further develop their clinical acumen while under the close supervision of a skilled and licensed clinical psychologist. This allows for close monitoring of each clinical contact with the utmost care provided to each patient.


Professional Fees
The cost of the services varies depending on the type of service you receive. Participating providers with the following insurance companies: Blue Cross/Blue Shield and United Healthcare. Other low-cost options may be available. If you choose to not use health insurance and prefer self-pay, please inquire with our intake coordinator (401) 739-1010 ext. 0
Insurance Reimbursement
Many health insurance policies cover the services provided at The Center for Psychological Wellness. Nevertheless, reimbursement varies considerably from company to company and from policy to policy. Also, most policies have co-payments, some have annual deductibles, or other limits. It is up to you as the policyholder to read your policy carefully and be aware what is or is not covered. We recommend that you call your insurance company directly to ask about your benefits.
Questions to ask your insurance company:
• What is my deductible and has it been met?
• Do I have mental health insurance benefits?
• How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?
• What is the coverage amount per therapy session?
• Is approval required from my primary care physician

Our Work Team